About This Project

MAQ functional training

Muscle Action Quality is a training model to systematically and effectively develop mobility, control, balance and strength. It’s about quality of movement, to do the right things in the right order and to train for perfection in every step of the way to the target.

The authors, an athletic trainer and a physiotherapist, asked themself why many athletes never develop their capacities to the fullest despite the fact that they spend a lot of time and energy into training. In their training model they describe how to maximize the opportunities by training with motion quality and doing the right things in the right order with perfection as the goal. With knowledge, patience and dedication everyone has the opportunity to reach their maximum performance without injury.

Search tip

These exercises can easily be found by typing "MAQ" in the search box in GoMobilus. Refine your search by adding equipment such as "Barbell" or purpose, such as "strength".