Student offer

We know that the economy can be strained when studying! We therefore wish to offer all students on relevant educations in the field of medicine, nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, free access to GoMobilus during the last two years of their education.

Young professionals entering working life will shape the future. Mobilus software has always been continuously updated in cooperation with our customers. We want you to help us stay ahead of the competition. GoMobilus will always strive to be the best option on the market.


Do this:

  1. Fill out and submit the form with your data.
  2. Create a free Premium trial account. NOTE: Use the same address that you entered on the form when you create your account.
  3. When your request has been approved we will upgrade your trial account to a full Premium account which you then will have access to during your education (a maximum of two years).
  4. Create lots of professional training programs, and please let us know what you think. We welcome all feedback on the service both positive and negative. Enjoy!

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