Quite simply, if you are more than two people in your workplace, you will benefit greatly from GoMobilus Team version.

Some of the functions in the Team version

Collaborate with colleagues

Save time. You and your colleagues can easily create training programs that everyone in the team can access automatically.

Joint Client registry

The whole team has access to the clients that the team owns.

Same cost per license as Premium accounts

Convinient and safe payment for all users with the same credit card.

Team administrator role

One or more colleagues can be team administrator. As an administrator, you can manage all members of the team, common settings and payments.

What does GoMobilus Team cost?

You get all the functionality of the team version, plus more, for the same cost as for Premium.

Price comparison

Team accounts
(All prices excluding VAT)
  •    Comparison price per month

Annual subscription

€ 99.90- Save approx. 45 %
  • (€ 8.33)

Quarterly subscription

€ 35.90- Save approx. 20%
  • (€ 11.97)

Monthly subscription

€ 14.90 
  • (€ 14.90)

Start your team today. It’s free until you activate the team!!

You have 30 days to activate the team. After 30 days unactivated teams are deleted, no charges will be made.

I want to create a team now

If you have questions about GoMobilus Team version, do not hesitate to contact us at info@gomobilus.com.