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Create a team from My account

Create a Team via “My Account”

Before creating a team, consider the following:

  • If you already have a premium subscription and pay by card.
    Make sure auto-renewal is turned off on your subscription. You do this under “My account”
  • If you already have a premium subscription (card or invoice payment), it is a good idea to contact us before you create the team and we can help you check that your current premium subscription ends correctly when your team is activated.
  • Only one person should create the team.
    Check with your colleagues and make sure that only one (1) person creates the team.

When you are ready to create your team, do the following:

Log in to your GoMobilus account

  1. Go to “My Account”.
  2. Select TEAM on the left side. At the bottom of the page it says “I want to create a team”. Click and you will then come to a start page and there you select the page “Members”.

Invite members to your team:

  1. Make sure you have opened the “Members” page
  2. Invite your colleagues with their Email addresses, and choose whether they should be users, administrators, or both. When you have invited everyone, click on “Send”.
  3. They will now receive an email stating that you have invited them to the team. (they do as it says in the email and voila! they are up and running the system).

Then go to the page “Settings”:
and fill in the information that is there, points 1 to 4. All input fields marked in red are * = REQUIRED INFORMATION.

  1. Client management, Is set to: Users can only create “Team clients” by default.
  2. Invoice / Receipt information.
  3. Clinic information
  4. License and method of payment. Choose here how you want to pay, by card or by invoice.
    ! Once you have selected the invoice as the payment method, the license period is automatically 12 months (Annual).
    • If you choose to pay by invoice, you must apply to become an invoice customer.
      Click on “apply to become an invoice customer” to send your application.
      Once we have received your application, we will activate your team. If we see something wrong or something is missing, we will e-mail you to let you know what is missing.
    • If you choose card payment, the team is activated when you make the first payment. You do this on the “Home” page after all the mandatory information has been filled in.
      NOTE! Keep in mind that your debit card is automatically charged when new users choose to accept your invitation to join the team.
      You will find your receipts on the page “Receipt”.
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