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Shallow Water and Deep Water Exercises

Maria Ström works primarily with hydrotherapy as a private practice certified physiotherapist in Norrköping. Her target group is primarily children and young people with disabilities, but also adults with neurological problems as well as adults and children with functional problems from the movement and support agencies. Maria Ström, is a registered physiotherapist since 1987 and Certified PT (Aquatic Therapy & Rehabilitation Industry) Certified Physical Therapist), an international hydrotherapy exam. Maria Ström has written three books, two for water gymnastics instructors “With the Water as the UtilityTM” and “The Water Bank of Water Therapy BasinTM” (which is the world’s largest water treatment gymnasium) and one for water rehabilitation hydrotherapy, “Modern Water Habit TM”.

Sample word: deep water, jogging, penguin, crescent, leg lifts, flamingo, propeller, slalom, kangaroo, deep snow, water wheel, rocking horse, pike, swordfish, flatfish, duck, steamboat, seal, frog, scissors.

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